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COST Action IS1003


The COST Action IS1003 International Law between Constitutionalisation and Fragmentation. The Role of Law in the post-national constellation is a project launched and coordinated by Wouter Werner (VU university). It investigates contemporary and structural challenges to international law - from the advent of asymmetric wars, the war on terror, the resurrection of targeted killings, piracy to the degradation of the global environment or the challenges posed by the global economic crisis - all of which escape the constitutive confines of the state system.


More specifically, COST Action IS1003 discusses the interplay between fragmentation, constitutionalisation and politicisation of international law as dimensions of a more systemic change in the international legal order to deal with the aforementioned challenges. There are three working groups:


> WG1 on Constitutionalization and Territorial Fragmentation
chaired by Tanja Aalberts (VU university) and Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen (Danish Institute Human Rights)


> WG2 on Constitutionalisation and Functional Fragmentation
chaired by Lukasz Gruszczynski (Polish Academy of Sciences) and Wouter Werner (VU university)


> WG3 on Constitutionalization, fragmentation and the changing role of temporality
chaired by Claudia Aradau (King's College) and Oliver Kessler (Erfurt)


This network now includes ca. 55 persons from some 20 countries, with a more or less equal spread between lawyers and political scientists, and has cooperated with many more, including prominent scholars in both fields, such as Didier Bigo (King's college/Science Po), Jeffrey Dunoff (Temple), Elspeth Guild (Nijmegen), Friedrich Kratochwil (CEU), Martti Koskenniemi (Helsinki), Nicholas Onuf (Florida International University), Neil Walker (Edinburgh), Hans Lindahl (Tilburg) and Antje Wiener (Hamburg).


 For further information, see the COST website and the COST Action IS1003 website