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Anne van Mulligen 





Anne van Mulligen (LLM, MLitt), works at the interface of international law, legal theory and financial regulation, I examine the transformations ('deformalization') and democratic legitimacy of international in the wake of economic globalization and the rise of informal transnational regulatory networks, such as the Basel Committee (supervisors: prof W.G. Werner and prof J.E. Nijman). Next to my work as a researcher, I'm a research fellow at the 'Europe in the World'  cluster at the Netherlands Institute on International Relations 'Clingendael'.  



> Publications 


Anne van Mulligen, 'Normativity'  in J. d'Aspremont & S. Singh (eds.), Concepts for International Law: Contributions to Disciplinary Thought (Edward Elgar 2019).

Anne van Mulligen, ‘Framing Deformalization in Public International Law’ (2015) 6 Transnational Legal Theory 635. 
Anne van Mulligen, 'Global Constitutionalism and the Objective Purport of the International Legal Order'(2011) 24 Leiden Journal of International Law 277



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