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Amin Parsa 






Amin Parsa is Vetenskapsrådet (Swedish Research Council) international postdoc at the Department of Sociology of Law at Lund University and the Centre for the Politics of Transnational Law at Vrije University Amsterdam. He received his doctoral degree in Public International Law from Faculty of Law at Lund University in May 2017. Amin’s current research focus on the use and development of digital technologies of mobility monitoring within the context of the European border control. 



> Publications 


Parsa, A. (forthcoming 2019) ‘Military Uniform and Legitimation of Lethal Targeting in International Law of Armed Conflict’, in Jane Tynan and Lisa Godson (eds.), Understanding Uniform: Clothing Discipline in the Modern World (Bloomsbury).


Parsa, A. (2017) Resistance and Decolonization by Amílcar Cabral, [Book Review], Leiden Journal of International Law, 4:30.

Parsa, A. (2017) Knowing and Seeing the Combatant. War, Counterinsurgency and Targeting in International Law, (Doctoral Dissertation), Lund University Press [Media-Tryck].

Jansson, S., Keshavarz, M., and Parsa, A. (2015) ‘On Passports’, Retfærd: Nordisk juridisk tidsskrift, 38, 3/150. 



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