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Staff and Researchers




Tanja Aalberts
senior researcher Transnational Legal Studies


Wouter Werner
professor Public International Law


Research fellows

Lianne Boer
PhD candidate 
Academic Authority in the Face of Indeterminacy: the case of cyberattacks and Article 2(4)


Ioana Ciobanasu
PhD candidate 
International Monetary Law

Jillian Dobson
PhD candidate
Religion and International Law


Merel Ekelhof

PhD candidate

Autonomous Weapon Systems


Laura Henderson
PhD candidate
The Rhetoric of Exception: How Extreme Measures are Justified in Politics and Law

Sofia Stolk 

PhD candidate
The Opening Statement of the Prosecution in International Criminal Law 


Renske Vos
PhD candidate
The Map is not the Territory: The construction of EU military operations as a legal field



Associated researchers


Britta van Beers
assistant professor legal theory, VU

Ulad Belavusau
assistant professor European Studies, University of Amsterdam 


Evelien Brouwer
associate professor Migration Law, VU


Galina Cornellise
assistent professor EU law, VU

Luigi Corrias
assistant professor Legal Theory, VU

Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen
research director, Danish Institute for Human Rights

Geoff Gordon
assistant professor Transnational Legal Studies, VU


Marieke de Hoon 
assistant professor Transnational Legal Studies, VU 

Sarah Joseph
director for the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law, Monash University


Sara Kendall
lecturer Kent Law School


Jessica Lawrence
Max Weber fellow, European University Institute

Anna Leander
professor (MSO), Copenhagen Business School


Philip Liste

chair Political Science, University of Hamburg

Kenneth Manusama
assistant professor International Law, VU

Sarah Nouwen
university lecturer, Lauterpacht Centre, Cambridge

Nikolas Rajkovic
professor of International Law, Tilburg University


Alice Riccardi
Research fellow, International Telematic University, Rome


Elies van Sliedregt
professor of Criminal Law, VU

Thomas Spijkerboer
professor of Migration Law, VU


Gavin Sullivan
lecturer, University of Kent


Olaf Tans
legal philosopher and political scientist, Amsterdam University College


Wolfgang Wagner
professor of International Security, VU

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