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LLM Law and Politics of International Security (LPIS)


Security in a changing world

This one-year Master's programme at VU university, Amsterdam aims at transferring to students the knowledge, skills and insight necessary to operate as a professional or academic researcher in the area of international peace of security. Issues of international peace and security are becoming increasingly important in legal, political and administrative practice. The concept of 'international security' is no longer confined to traditional issues of war and peace, but now also covers topics such as terrorism, criminal law, the protection of human rights and 'human security'.

This multidisciplinary programme offers a research-oriented curriculum that focuses on international security from the perspectives of international law and international relations. Since its launch in 2007, it has brought together selected groups of international students from all over the world, including students from Afghanistan, the United States, Uganda, Germany, South Korea, Brazil and Mexico.


Develop a broad view of international security

The programme is based on the assumption that international law cannot be properly understood outside its political context, whereas contemporary international politics cannot be fully grasped without a solid knowledge of international legal institutions. It offers a multidisciplinary approach to the rapidly changing field of international peace and security. It includes topics such as the United Nations system of collective security, the transformation of war (including catastrophic terrorism and other forms of political violence), human rights protection, the development of international criminal tribunals and humanitarian law.


The programme has three basic characteristics:


a thematic focus on international security;

> a multidisciplinary approach, combining international law and international relations;

an interactive and international academic community where staff and students are engaged in research and the development of knowledge.



For further information, please check out the LPIS website