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PIL talks!

coordinated by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Never a dull moment in the world today. From the struggle against ISIS and the role of Russia in Ukraine to the Greek debt crisis and their sovereignty and boat refugees in the Mediterranean and Australia, international law and international politics constantly dominate the news. PIL talks! are a new initiative of CePTL to provide a forum for students and staff to discuss the world's events.


PIL talks


In the weeks before a PIL Talks! event takes place, the particular situation that is topic of that discussion will be announced, thereby staying as topical as possible. Taking advantage of the expertise of those that are part of the law faculty, the discussion seeks to explore questions such what the role of international law is in the situation at hand and what kind of politics this produces. To get things going, the discussions will be kicked off by short pitches of a student and a faculty member.


The PIL Talks! are open for all students and faculty members to attend, whether only briefly stopping by to listen in or engage in actively. We encourage participants to bring their own drinks, although the TLS department will provide a modest contribution by bringing a few wines, beers and sodas as well. We look forward to interesting, thought provoking and informal exchange of views on those topics we all struggle to get our heads around, to learn from one another, and to use the law faculty as a space where students and teachers meet each other for that purpose.



Schedule PIL Talks! 2015/2016

17 September 2015: 17.15h

1 December 2015: 17.15h (changed date!)

11 February 2016: 17.15h

14 April 2016: 17.15h

9 June 2016: 17.15h


All PIL talks! discussions take place in the open Concilium area on the 2nd floor of the Initium building 


We look forward to meeting you there! For questions or comments, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.