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Law Clinic: Transnational Listing Project


After 9/11 the UN Security Council has targeted individuals deemed ’associated with’ terrorism. Hundreds were hastily blacklisted, generally without any real check on the reliability of the information. Most targeted individuals will never know precisely why they were listed and will never get legal advice or assistance to be removed. Even if delisted from the UN list they will likely remain entangled in other security lists around the world indefinitely. The consequences of being listed are profound - targeted individuals are unable to travel or participate in ordinary economic life. They are publicly labeled as ‘associated with’ terrorism, even though those allegations are never tested in court.


The Transnational Listing Project aims to provide legal assistance to targeted individuals. It builds on research conducted within the Centre for the Politics of Transnational Law. The project provides pro bono legal assistance to targeted individuals to ensure accountability over decisions by the Security Council and the subsequent inclusion of targeted individuals on lists of private organizations.

Learning objectives
Students will write research papers that can be used as input for lawyers who bring cases for individual clients who are put on sanction lists without judicial oversight.

After successful completion of the course students:

> Have knowledge of the practice of listing in the transnational field of security
Have obtained knowledge about the (im)possibilities of litigating cases in the field of transnational security law
Are able to identify sources of transnational law
Have developed the capacity to conduct independent legal research
> Have developed the skills to apply legal sources to concrete cases
Have learned how to structure and write a legal research briefs


coordinators: Gavin Sullivan and Wouter Werner


a parallel Transnational Law Clinic is organized at the Tre University in Rome, coordinated by Alice Riccardi