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About CePTL


The Centre for the Politics of Transnational Law (CePTL) is an academic research centre for multidisciplinary research on the dynamic relationship between law and politics in a globalizing world.


Contemporary issues such as targeted killings, the rise of investment law, the law of cyberspace, the development and implementation of drones, the emergence of new accountability structures in environmental law, the usage of private military companies to ensure the security of merchant ships against piracy, the Arctic scramble, humanitarian interventions, and more generally processes of legalisation or even constitutionalisation of the international realm call for critical examinations of the interplay between law and politics in global governance structures.


CePTL brings together researchers and students interested in the 'Politics of Transnational Law'. Based at the VU university, Amsterdam, CePTL fosters an international network of scholars and students for critical reflections on the relationship between law and politics in a globalizing world.



What does CePTL do?


> organizes international research workshops focused on indepth engagement with cutting edge research and working on joint publications


participates in a several multidisciplinary collaborative research projects within international academic networks, including COST Action IS1003


coordinates the LLM Law and Politics of International Security – a multidisciplinary programme that offers a research-oriented curriculum focused on international security


organizes international PhD seminars in which junior scholars have the opportunity to discuss their work with distinguished international scholars of IL/IR research


> coordinates the Transnational Listing Project to provide pro-bono legal assistance to targeted individuals on security lists


welcomes visiting researchers from around the world for research stays and participating in our activities