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Events 2014





'The Politics of Transnational Law' 


with keynote speeches by Peer Zumbansen (King's College, London) 

and Sarah Kendall (Kent Law School, Canterbury) 


20-22 November 2014 

De Nieuwe Poort, Claude Debussylaan, Amsterdam


in cooperation with COST Action IS1003 and the Center for International Criminal Justice 


more information 




Armadillo (Public screening)


Thursday 13 November 2014, 17:00 - 19:30

moderator: Dr. Erna Rijsdijk (Netherlands Defense Academy)





Uncertainty and Risk Across International Law


18-19 October 2014



organized by Monica Ambrus (Groningen), Rosemary Rayfuse (University of New South Wales) and Wouter Werner (CePTL/VU) in cooperation with COST Action IS1003





The Act of Killing (for LPIS and ICC students)


Thursday 9 October 2014, 17:00 - 19:30

moderator: Dr. Francesco Ragazzi (Leiden University)





Beth Simmons (Harvard University): 

'Prospects and limits of international law in times of conflict. The International Criminal Court and beyond'


link to video of the lecture


Friday 26 September 2014, 15:30-17:00 

VU university, Amsterdam 





War Don Don (For LPIS and ICC students)


Thursday 18 September 2014, 17:00 - 19:30 

moderator: Logan Hambrick (Co-Counsel Charles Taylor Defense Team)




Deviance in International Relations: 'Rogue States' and International Security (Palgrave)


edited by Wolfgang Wagner, Michal Onderco and Wouter Werner 

discussant: Anna Geis (Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg) 


11 September 2014 at 16:00

location: VU university, Metropolitan Z-009

followed by drinks in The Basket (VU campus)




The  Changing Practices of International Law: Sovereignty, Politics and Law in a Globalising World


27-29 August 2014 Bifrost University, Reykjavik

organised by Tanja Aalberts (CePTL/VU), Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen (DIIS) and Dadi Stigmarsson (Bifrost) 
in cooperation with COST Action IS1003


further information 

link to the programme 





Methodological and Theoretical Perspectives on International Criminal Justice


24-25 April 2014
Faculty of Law, University of Oslo

in cooperation with the Social Control and the Rule of Law Research Group, Oslo University and the Center for International Criminal Justice


further information




Koskenniemi and His Critics: Reflections on the Past and Future of International Law

10-12 April 2014 

organisers: Alexis Galan (EUI), Marieke de Hoon (CePTL/VU) and Wouter Werner (CePTL/VU)

in cooperation with COST Action IS1003

participants: Martti Koskenniemi (Helsinki), Friedrich Kratochwil (CEU), Andrew Lang (LSE), Susan Marks (LSE), Gregor Noll (Lund), Liliana Obregón (Andes/Helsinki), Nikolas Rajkovic (Kent), Sahib Singh (Cambridge), Jaye Ellis (McGill), Sergio Dellavalle (Max Planck), Janne Nijman (UvA), Tanja Aalberts (CePTL/VU), Juan Amaya-Castro (CePTL/VU), Geoff Gordon (CePTL/VU)


link to the programme




Martti Koskenniemi (University of Helsinki): 'International Law and Critique - Trends, Strategies, Myths'

9 April 2014    
19h30-21h00 in De Nieuwe Poort, Amsterdam

followed by a reception sponsored by CePTL




Ritual in International Criminal Justice

at the 55th Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, Toronto, 26-29 March 2014

organisers: Jillian Dobson (CePTL/VU) and Sofia Stolk (CePTL/VU)
participants: Jillian Dobson (CePTL/VU), Marieke de Hoon (CePTL/VU), Sara Kendall (Leiden), Frédéric Megret (McGill), Sofia Stolk (CePTL/VU); discussant: Philip Liste (Hamburg), chair: Tanja Aalberts (CePTL/VU)




Piracy and Counter-Piracy

20 February 2014
VU university, Amsterdam

with Ursula Daxecker (University of Amsterdam), Freek Marchal (Legal Advisor at Netherlands Maritime Headquarters) and Wolfgang Wagner (VU) 




Neglected Practices of International Law 


9 January 2014

VU university, Amsterdam


with presentations by

Jeffrey Dunoff (Temple University), 'The Puzzle of Judicial Dissent' (project with Mark Pollack)

Geoff Gordon (CePTL/VU), 'Dissent and  cosmopolitan dialectics at the International Court of Justice'

Sofia Stolk (CePTL/VU), 'A neglected momentum: the opening statement of the prosecution in international criminal trials'




Academic Publishing

8 January 2014

VU university, Amsterdam


discussants: Jeffrey Dunoff (Temple University) and Tanja Aalberts (CePTL/VU)