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Events 2013




Globalization and the Boundaries of Legality

11-13 December 2013
Hotel Elephant, Weimar 

organized by Oliver Kessler (Erfurt) and Wouter Werner (CePTL/VU)

in cooperation with COST Action IS1003 (program)




Shahzad Akbar (legal representative of victims of drone attacks in Waziristan)
Drone Warfare from Below: Targeted Killing, Human Rights and Litigation in Pakistan

18 October 2013
Spui, Amsterdam 


organized by Gavin Sullivan (UvA) and Wouter Werner (CePTL/VU)

in cooperation with COST Action IS1003 and the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research



Jaap de Wilde (Groningen) 
'Balance of Power and International Law'

16 September 2013
VU university, Amsterdam




'The Politics of International Constitutionalism'


28-30 August 2013

VU university, Amsterdam


organized by Tanja Aalberts (CePTL/VU) and Jessica Lawrence (CePTL/VU)
in cooperation with COST Action IS1003




Jens Bartelson (Lund University)
'Functional Differentiation and Legitimate Authority'


Neil Walker (University of Edinburgh)

'Global Constitutionalism: The One or the Many?'


28 August 2013

VU University, Amsterdam

in cooperation with COST Action IS1003 




 Bruno Simma (Former judge at the International Court of Justice)

'The recent human rights case law of the International Court of Justice'


29 May 2013

VU University, Amsterdam




The Power of Legality: Practice of International Law and their Politics

27-28 May 2013
Villa Schifanoia, European University Institute, Florence

organized by Nikolas Rajkovic (EUI), Tanja Aalberts (CePTL/VU) and Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen (DIIS)
in cooperation with COST Action IS1003, The Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (EUI), and 
Global Governance Programme (EUI) (program



Nicholas Wheeler (Birmingham)
'Trust in Diplomatic Transformations: Lessons from the end of the Cold War'

19 April 2013

VU University, Amsterdam  




International Law and the Construction of Knowledge

31 January - 2 February 2013
Lund University


organized by Rosemary Rayfuse (Lund University) and Wouter Werner (CePTL/VU)
in cooperation with COST Action IS1003